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I Am Yours

A song by Jess Heine & Allen King


v1. To you, oh Lord, I lift my voice

Lend Your ear, hear Your people;

We’re calling out Your name

O Lamb of God be lifted high

Flame nor flood will overcome me;

You have rescued me from harm


pr ch. Oh, the love that You have shown

You have ransomed me;

I am no longer my own


ch. Jesus, You lift my eyes up

when I cannot rise up

to call out for Your help

You gently lead me 

even when I can’t see

I know You are with me

and I know I am Yours


v2. In You, O Lord, is all my hope

By Your righteousness I triumph;

there’s no life apart from You

O, Lamb of God, be lifted high

For You have authored my salvation;

Rest assured, the victory’s won!


br. So let us declare

This praise with our hearts

O God there is no name above You

For You’ve raised us up

Restored & redeemed

O God there is no rock besides You